Welcome on the isaszegi Powerlifting Training Camp’s webpage!

The powerlifting is a very specific field in the world of sports, which needs a huge concentration, humility, reasonable eating and training plans!

We wanted to lower the difference between the hungarian and the international powerlifter leaderboards, which is mostly coming from the practical-technical and the training theory knowledge difference.

This is how the idea of the training camp was born.

We are the pioneers of this sport in Hungary!

In the camp the beginners, the advanced and the selected athletes are attending on two trainings per day and after the trainings our invited guessts are making lectures, presentations about topics which are connected with this sport!

It’s not an everyday opportunity that you can train together and learn from multiple hungarian champions and top competitors who are working with you.

If the trainings are not enough, and you want to get something more, you can attend on additional programmes, for example: Training theory education, sport-specific nutrition, nutritional supplement advices, masseur-chiropractor presentation, anti-doping presentation.

Nothing can replace the personal occupation, so we recommend to every sport mate to join us next time. With the appropiate and right help you can take huge steps on the scale of this sport.